Thursday, February 19, 2004

what to blog?

friendster, is it a site suppose to meet good people, nah, maybe not all the time. i have this person who requested me to be his friend, so i accepted, there's no harm meeting new people, right? after approval, he already send messages of asking me out, ah, now way! im in a relationship, i dont like my partner to do the same. anyways, its like everyday he send me messages and just recently, he's being nasty, and just asked me if i believe in One night Stand, damn, i don't know him and........ he's a fool or what? i replied: please don't ever send me non-sense messages. then he goes, "ur being hypocrite everybody experience that", and i go, "ur talking nonsense, dont act as if u know everything, coz u dont, those who believe one night stand are only those who doesn't believe in love" then as fast as i can, i deleted him in my friend's list, he is soooo feeling.... so feeling, that i accepted him as a friend, he thought that i could go out w/ him, the nerve, he doesnt even have the looks (from his pic @ friendster), but most esp. he doesnt have the personality and character. (sigh)
now i know its not ok to just accept invitation in friendster from people u dont really know, one should truly be your friend.
moving on.. received a call from a friend in college... there she goes again, asking me, when will i get married, damn, when will they stop asking me the same questions, they're pressuring me, aaahhhhh! so nakakainis... and she goes... "baka maunahan ka pa namin" kainis, im not feeling inis sa kanya, but the fact that im still not getting married. "PWEDE BA, TO ALL THOSE FOLKS WHO WANTS TO ASK ME, WHEN WILL I GET MARRIED, MY ANSWER, JUST WAIT, ILL LET U KNOW, AND DON'T ASK ME OVER AND OVER AGAIN! ASK MY BOYFRIEND!" And one thing's for sure, dont worry guys, whatever happens, I WILL GET MARRIED, OK? doesn't matter how old i am @ that time..
what's the rush? now im gettin' deppressed, can somebody help? im nowhere to be found, ahuhuhuhu.... sad..... sad....

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