Friday, February 27, 2004


i finally got the chance to write my blogs, like graffitti..
need to pee..
am back..
i watched this movie last night, a chinese movie of Ken of F4, entitled Sky of Love, i know its a fiction movie, but i kinda like it, me and my dormate kathy watched it and so we slept at 1am.
i was here in the office early, had my usual routine of breakfast, were kinda happy and cool in the office because our boss is out of the country, hehe.. but she'll be back on monday.
i was busy this morning inputting lots of PRF.
y'know im wearing a skirt right now, and it feels good that after such as long time i was able to wear one, hehe..
my bf is inspecting some business in lucena city, and i kinda miss him but at the same time i have this feeling of jealousy... hmmm i dunno if i should write why...but maybe i need some secrets to keep
i am a jealous type, i know that, and i admit it. so how far should i let lose of my jealousy? is it bad for our relationship, i know sometimes im being shallow.. because im a bit paranoid, sometimes i dont understand myself either.. but most of the time i have this feeling to let it go, let my partner know that i am jealous...sometimes he's being "pikon" already because he said im being unreasonable.. i know deep inside that i am being, but i cant control what i am feeling.. im writing this, its because im also bothered.. i don't want me to continue feeling this way. though now, i could say that i am confident with what i have, with what i have achieved... but maybe, i don't know.. or maybe not enough? do i expect a lot?
we're not in a fight or something.. i just want to share things that happenned and is sometimes still happening to me. do other girls feel the same way with their partners? i wonder? why are some girls so confident bout themselves? my partner doesnt make me feel this way, so why do i? i know he loves me and i can feel and see it.. hmmm... i have to find out myself and also pray for it, lift it up to the LORD, He knows all.

Thursday, February 26, 2004


scribble, squibble, dribble...
dunno what to say or do, but lots in mind..
had a nice day yesterday, no office.. had my laundry, had my body scrubbed, had a home hair wax, feels good. i want a hair cut, but dont know what style to have, want to have some bangs kaya lang, feels like maarte for me, should i stick with my as usual hairstyle or not be afraid with some changes. feeling ko kasi pag nag-pa- bangs ako makikiuso lang ako sa Milan eh, though i haven't seen the movie yet, lots of my friends says, after watching the movie, they feel like wanting to change their hairstyle and have some bangs, grabeh ha..
and so, i thought should i or should i not? seems a big problem to me huh? funny how simple things become so mindful.. and so seriously taken...hmmm, what else can i talk about..
oh, i was, this morning also busy posting pics in my cyber photo album, posting solo pix for my friends, had an album which is linked here.
need to logout now...need to finish some stuffs... till next blog.. (",)

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

GRease to Surviving

Great Tips of Life

To move ahead in the future, you must free yourself from the past.
Clear up those cobwebs that bring nothing but gloom into your life.
The bad experiences, hurts, heartaches and miseries.

As a rolling stone in life, you gather too much moss. You collect
mountains of material possessions that take up too much of your
and time. Edit your belongings. Life will be so much easier if you
travel light.

It is better to start a painting on a clean canvas. Bathe your life
and spruce up your act. Cleanse your soul and purify your spirit.
And kick
those bad habits away!

Be properly equipped. Your success depends on your keen sense on
intuition, preparedness and dedicated work. Keep your aptitudes
willingness ready and mind always sharp.

The excitement you get from life depends upon how excited you are to
live it. Anticipate great things to come. Feel that you deserve
Always expect nothing less than the very best!

Your attitude affects your state of mind and overall disposition. It
determines how you act and react to people and situations. Have a
great, new attitude to reach higher altitudes.

There is nothing to be gained from wasting your time on negative
things. Sift the good from the bad. See the blessings, not the
miseries. Look at life through rose-colored glasses. Seek beauty,
nobility and truth!

If you don't know what you want, you'll never get it. You'll never
the target if you don't know what and where it is. Know your goal
and set your heart and eyes on it.

To succeed, you have to be in the right place. It is ridiculous to
sell beachwear at the winter ski resort. Go to the right places.
Get intothe right circles. And be there at the right time!

What you project is what people see. You reveal your personality
through your attire and the way you carry yourself. Dress up in
comfortable and proper clothes. You have only three seconds to make
that crucial first impression!

You cannot fully succeed by doing it all alone. No man is an island
and you cannot be educated enough to know it all. Employ the help
of others. And strive to win their all important trust and moral

To get it, you must give it away. The most important things in life
operate by the Law of Cause and Effect. Love, happiness,
understanding, compassion, even money-you must give them
away first before you can receive them. Be aware that the law
works on negative things, too cause misery and it will strike back
at you!

Yesterday is gone; tomorrow is yet to come. You only have present,
the very precious now. Make hay while there is day. And do it while you

A man died and found himself in front of St. Peter at the gates of
heaven. He saw cars, appliances and wonderful things dumped on top
of the clouds. He asked, "St. Peter, please tell me. What are those
things?" St. Peter replied, "Those things were ordered by some
on earth but they hung up before we could ask where to have them
delivered". Don't give up. Try and try until you exceed!

Life showers us with glorious gifts. The tallest and biggest castle
in the world becomes a lonely prison if you have no one to share it
with. Share your bounties; share your time. Show you care by doing
your share!

Cry and you cry alone, laugh and the world laughs with you! Keep
your sense of humor. Laugh and stay wonderfully sane. Most importantly,
learn to laugh at your mistakes!

Keep that childlike wonder. Live with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Be in
constant awe. Never permit yourself to be dull or jaded. Experience
everything as if it was your first time to experience it.

Your body is the temple of your soul. Make it powerful, and strong
to weather any storm. Feed it well. Keep it neat, healthy and
maintained. Move that body and flex those muscles. Don't be a
potato; be alive and be on the go!

A computer is only as good as the data you program into it. Update
your knowledge. Delete bad past programming. Read, research and learn.
Perform mental gymnastics. The most brilliant crown you can wear is an
intelligent mind!

For anything to happen, you must believe that it will. A shadow of a
doubt is enough to prevent it from becoming true. You've got to have
faith in your heart and unwavering belief that God will provide what
your heart desires. Believe in miracle and with God's blessings it will come true.

"You make a LIVING of what you've GOT but You make a LIFE
with what you GIVE...: - )"

Thursday, February 19, 2004

what to blog?

friendster, is it a site suppose to meet good people, nah, maybe not all the time. i have this person who requested me to be his friend, so i accepted, there's no harm meeting new people, right? after approval, he already send messages of asking me out, ah, now way! im in a relationship, i dont like my partner to do the same. anyways, its like everyday he send me messages and just recently, he's being nasty, and just asked me if i believe in One night Stand, damn, i don't know him and........ he's a fool or what? i replied: please don't ever send me non-sense messages. then he goes, "ur being hypocrite everybody experience that", and i go, "ur talking nonsense, dont act as if u know everything, coz u dont, those who believe one night stand are only those who doesn't believe in love" then as fast as i can, i deleted him in my friend's list, he is soooo feeling.... so feeling, that i accepted him as a friend, he thought that i could go out w/ him, the nerve, he doesnt even have the looks (from his pic @ friendster), but most esp. he doesnt have the personality and character. (sigh)
now i know its not ok to just accept invitation in friendster from people u dont really know, one should truly be your friend.
moving on.. received a call from a friend in college... there she goes again, asking me, when will i get married, damn, when will they stop asking me the same questions, they're pressuring me, aaahhhhh! so nakakainis... and she goes... "baka maunahan ka pa namin" kainis, im not feeling inis sa kanya, but the fact that im still not getting married. "PWEDE BA, TO ALL THOSE FOLKS WHO WANTS TO ASK ME, WHEN WILL I GET MARRIED, MY ANSWER, JUST WAIT, ILL LET U KNOW, AND DON'T ASK ME OVER AND OVER AGAIN! ASK MY BOYFRIEND!" And one thing's for sure, dont worry guys, whatever happens, I WILL GET MARRIED, OK? doesn't matter how old i am @ that time..
what's the rush? now im gettin' deppressed, can somebody help? im nowhere to be found, ahuhuhuhu.... sad..... sad....

some tests....

hey u guys take this quiz... so funny... open d page..

87 Months

87 months of being together
87 celebrations
2,647 daYS to remember
how long will be the continuation..

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

i accidentally delete my blogs

such a disaster...i accidentally deleted my blogs just an hour ago, i tried hard to retrive, but below are the only ones i got.... wasted my time...
have not done anything in the office need to print report
[ Tue Feb 17, 03:52:19 PM | sede nanaram | edit ]
why are my college friends working ABROAD? i dunno if i envy them, but i really am happy for them, but it feels like im left behind, u know that feeling? at this age, i should have gotten my own place, my own car and what the heck, not a single place or car... i have this feeling maybe am still not matured enough or still kinda wonderin where i will be heading? Gosh, i really wish i knew what i really wanted in my life just before graduating college. i know i should be thankful with what i have, but sometimes it feels like i have not done enough and had not received enough... i know i should always count my blessings, or im just the ambitious type.
i can say that im happy but not satisfied, i dont know if im making sense here or i just go emotional? hmmmm... this is just one of those rare times i think about my career... what's ahead of me? where am i going? do i really have a good future? just what i said in my previous blog, i had many things in my mind, want to do many things but have not started yet, not a single step of making all those goals come true..
yes, i know i get to buy things that i need, but its seldom that i buy the things that i want becoz u know i need to budget, i need to save, i need to deposit money in my savings account (a very important thing i learned when i loss my job), and one more thing, i remind myself to just live within my means.
just after lunch i payed my credit card though i haven't receive my billing yet, i just want to make sure that when it arrives, its only a statement of my purchases and the date that i already payed the stuffs that i happy just doing that and being responsible for what has been given to me...
that's all folks....U
[ Tue Feb 17, 10:43:30 AM | sede nanaram | edit ]
hunnyqt tins
am so glad that Tina and B are back in each other's arms. hope it will be for good. Both of them have learned their lesson well, i know..
i know they truly love each other, if i can only see them..
[ Tue Feb 17, 10:35:30 AM | sede nanaram | edit ]
chikka'd my friends
nice try... i chikka'd my friends to have a sneak on my blogs. i wish they would read..haha! i also wish that they could write their own, find time and share details with their lives.. me, i post some, but some i don't some are secrets to keep, but i still have a diary w/ me, u know journals and the likes.
ei, what's wrong with friendster, i can't get through or may be its just our server.
(shouts!) i want to lose weight.. seems evrybody's losing and i don't..that's sad..
its rea's birthday by the way, and she's still not here.. she's on a half day, will be here this afternoon. hope she treats us, hehehe..
want to watch some movies, wasn't able to watch yesterday, had grocery with my bf.
wants to buy a new pair of nike...just like the one i see in the new advertisement here in the underpass of ayala. i like it, its kewl!
but i need to save, u know, live w/in my means..
so many plans inside my head, but have not started yet, not a single thing.
oh, i need to get back to work now, so many files and things to clean-up.
[ Mon Feb 16, 01:56:38 PM | sede nanaram | edit ]
a very lazy monday (ohum..)
ohum...its a very lazy monday for me, need more sleep...worked yesterday for sommerset hotel, though i enjoyed it and bought some melawares for my mom.
at the church yesterday somebody approached and asked if we could attend a seminar for couples, we just stared and accept the flyer given to us, even registered his name, but not stating my name in the wife's area, coz were both single (kind of make me think... he still doesn't want to be mistaken as a married person...sad..) when i asked why he didn't put my name in the wife's area, he answered that its becoz we're still single.. not married yet, he will say that maybe they would think that we're fooling them...made me "tampo" niwei a chils approached us as if tellin' that its time to have a child (O, God i really want to have a baby now, but what can i do, am still not yet married)
At home we watched Italian Job (DVD) nice movie
Got back to the dorm and slept.

2day had my lunch at the mall, sizzling bangus, liked it! bought myself some wheat bread then head back to the office. have not worked enough today because i feel lazy and sleepy.
want to watch movie 2nyt with some friends, ill try...
anyways this is all for now, ciao!
[ Fri Feb 13, 06:14:57 PM | sede nanaram | edit ]