Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Achy Breaky Heart, Highschool, Blogging, and Relationship

Last night, a puppy broke my heart.
We're passing Guadalupe when i saw a thing lying beside a garden
at first i thought t'was a cat. So i decided to second-look it, and i saw, it was a puppy. (shakes head)
I want to get it from that place, but i can't, i don't know if somebody owns it, but if somebody owns it,
why does it have to be outside of the house. tsk.. tsk..
Mind you, its raining Yesterday night. Im sure the puppy is wet.
I want to keep the puppy, but what can i do? I'm so broken hearted.
I can't even get the puppy coz if i get it, where will he/she lives?
I'm just renting, and pets are not allowed. I'm stil sad about it.
Me & Joseph just spent a quality time together. We talked.
We were really engrossed in our conversation about our being highschool.
He's so funny, coz he told me 'bout his being naughty at school,
where they would jump on the floors and make their teachers cry, sa sobrang inis sa kanila

Glad he enjoyed his Highschool life, as for me, medyo "patay na bata" me nuon.
I enjoyed College though..
Ahhh... so much about school...
It's really nice to read Blogs from different people. They're so interesting!
I read this Blog one time (i forgot the site's name though)
The Author wrote, she likes blogging and she thinks people who blog
are those people who wants to learn more.. they keep themselves
updated with so many things.

I think people who blog are those who can't stand being Idle.
And i agree, people who blog are those who continously wants to learn.
My Cousin, wants to win back the love of his life..
Remember my cousin who decided not to marry his long time GF?
Well, now, after the "Magulong Stage"of his life, he wants to win her back.
And we will help him. It was the first time i saw Laarni, maganda pala sya.
And she really looks kind. I arranged a bouquet of Antorium and Roses
(does that mean, i could become a florist?) for my Cousin's gift.
Without any hesitation, Laarni accepted it.
It's really nice to see two people talk again.
I hope they could patch things sooner. (fingers crossed)
Joseph will be leaving for a Property Inspection in Iloilo tomorrow.
He'll be there till Saturday Morning... and Moi, will be left here in the City.
I will surely miss him.


raqs said...

in case you see another lost puppy, you may bring that pup to me and il take care of it. there's this cat in our compound that bugs me off with its aweful poo poo!

sede said...

yeah, i think i should... now i know. tnx!