Monday, July 26, 2004

Book Review


Da vinci Code Teaser

(ok, ok.. if you still haven't read the book, but has plans of reading.. then.. don't read this)

Captain Bezu Fache carried himself like an angry ox with his wide shoulders thrown back and his chin tucked hard into his chest. His dark hair was slicked back with oil, accentuating an arrow-like widow's peak that divided his jutting brow and preceded him like the prow of the battleship. As he advanced, his dark eyes seemed to scorch the earth before him, radiating a fiery clarity that forecast his reputation for unbliking severity in all matters.
(Got this part from the book, look how Dan Brown can awaken our
senses to read, how he described a person, surely caught my imagination)
Finished the book yesterday morning.
Once you get hold of that book, you can't possibly
let go of it. And i would like to share a thought or two...

Robert Langdon- genius, one desirable man
Sophie- one desirable lady
Sauniere- full of secrets
Fache- strong personality
Collet- good employee
Leigh- liar
Aringarosa- easily deceived
Silas- Obedient and clueless
As i was about to start the book, a lot of my
friends (who saw i would be reading it) told me that
it would waver my "FAITH" but as soon as they told me
that.. i was the more eager to read it. I must know why, right?
But yes, there was this part in the book that i can't
accept. Actually, i stopped reading it for a day.
Because i can't swallow it, i couldn't possibly read
something so out of my belief. (Do i need to elaborate? oh, well,
i choose not to. I must suggest, you better read it.)
But i decided to finish it. And i still have my BELIEFS.
The story is really good and the Author is Awesome!
I recommend it!
My rating:

Five- Star!
I'm looking forward for a blockbuster film of the Da Vinci Code!
So i'm down to another book now (see left side)

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