Tuesday, July 13, 2004

stereotyped jologs

Last Friday Ruffa Guttierez visited our office.. she is.. again.. a friend of our CEO. I just knew they had lunch at the Shangrila and proceeded to our office right after. I really was eager to see her, and after finding out she will visit the office, i was extremely excited. Oh, well call me jologs, but i love seeing beautiful people and that includes a lot of celebrities. I doesn't matter if im called one... to hell with those who pigeonhole me.

Like this officemate, after a picture with Ruffa, she asked me, "ganun ka ba talaga kahilig sa artista at nagpa-picture ka pa sa kanya sa office ni EDC (our CEO)?" Let me tell you the whole story about our picture:
Ruffa came.. she's inside the CEO's room, i need to give a paper to accounting which happens to be near the CEO's office.. and the lucky me passed the area with my cellphone in my pocket (i usually bring it with me). I heard Charlene (which is btw, our CEO's daughter) asked for a camera, and i just said, "here, i have a camera", knowing that Charlene will just take a photo of Ruffa alone. But she asked me to go inside and have a picture with Ruffa. So i posed beside her. And was happy, because i was the only one who has a picture beside her.

And that's the story. It's just so annoying for some people to label, even though she didn't used the word jologs or something, i still did get what she wanted to say. Bakit kaya, hindi sya magpakatotoo? When we had a group picture with Ruffa, she also included herself with that... And that only means one thing... JOLOGS din sya! Plastic! Hypocrite!
Also another Officemate said, "Buti hindi nahihiya ang bf mo sa yo?" That's when i told him, i asked Joseph to download the pix through bloothooth coz i don't have here. You know what, he's an as***le! He is my bf bakit nya ako ikakahihiya? masama bang magpa-picture sa isang artista, and to think hindi naman ako yung tipong nag-kakagulo over a famous star? It's just that natawag lang ako, and i was just happy, yun lang! Maybe inggit lang sila!

Oh, ayan!

Mamatay na lang sila sa Inggit!

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