Thursday, July 08, 2004

of Tennis

Have you watched last Saturday's (July 3) Wimbledon Finals?
Man, that was one helluva game.
T'was the first time i saw S. williams defeated
(am not really a tennis rocker). I even couldn't
believe my eyes that she was indeed defeated by
a Seventeen year old Bomb!

It was Russia's Maria Sharapova who won the Wimbledon crown, defeating Serena Williams 61 64. In her first Grand Slam final, Sharapova walked away with her fourth singles title and first Grand Slam singles title. She was making only her second appearance at the Wimbledon Championships, having reached the fourth round in her debut last year.

This 17 Year old Athlete is something, not just another pretty face.

She said, she's sorry she just have to Steal and Keep the Title from Williams for a Year.

The New Princess of Wimbledon.


superstarsharon said...

hi! oh i see you're frantic in tennis, i think u got a very exciting life hah? i'm happy everything seems fine w/ u. i hope i cud be too, like, you know, i cud write real wonderful stories in my life, not just pure tear-jearky ones. my like is a full-time soap opera, all the failures and stuff, but i'm sooooooooo tired of crying, but i know u're one of the few hu truly knows me, who understands me, oh, these things iam going through, argh!
God bless! hope u can give me a piece of advice, i'm battling with depression once again... love yah!....

sede said...

hi won! am not really a tennis fanatic, but the game made me stuck on the tv. sharapova is a bomb!
well, with depression... i always believe you can learn something from it. however dark it may seem. i hope we could have some chat next week so i can catch with whats going on.
try to see the brighter side.
and remember to always pray, it never fails!
i will also pray for you *mwuah*