Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Tuesdays with Morrie was Emotional, a tear jerker, i was a Crybaby.

The book has full of lessons,
Lessons in love.
Family, and so much more.

Oh well, i finished reading it yesterday.
I need to have another book now.

We'll be having an affair tonight for the Office.
And i still don't have anything to wear.
We have to wear something formal
but i can always go back to Basic Business Attire, right?
Would it be fine if i still wear the same business attire i am wearing now to the party tonight?
I must see.
Why do i always have so many things in mind to write when im not in front of my PC?
And when its about time for me to write, i can't think of all those thoughts i have (before i started)? damn.
Is this just a sign of aging? hmmm... i wonder...
Most of the time now, i have senseless writting.
Most are just focus on me, why can't post something interesting?
Something happenin' in the world?
But will i attract people to read my blog if i do that? (do i have to do that, just to attract people?)
Ahhh, i think i just have to be me.
But i think i have to write things with sense.
I hope someday, i will.
I don't want to talk with Joseph.
He attended this birthday party last night.
I don't want him to go, but i still said its up to him.
You know guys, of course he went.
He just told me that he will visit me @ my dorm because he'll be leaving early.
But you know what... he didn't... guys.. guys..guys KAINIS...GRRRRRRR!
And now, he texted me this morning, saying, I'm sorry
Bahala sya! Besides i have my party tonight, i don't need to think of him!


superstarsharon said...

hey u got so many readings done lately huh? borrow naman me... i need to read... y know what, i've realized that i really really want to get serious with my writing, yeah, maybe i'll study journalism, if mom will let me use the money she will give me for my bangkok tour besides, i don't like bangkok. i hope to see u soon.
ei, i really do like her, the gurl i get close to in tagaytay... do u think it's bad? ....

sede said...

now, ur asking me if it's bad, yes it is... you know it, u just deny it