Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Tuesdays with Morrie was Emotional, a tear jerker, i was a Crybaby.

The book has full of lessons,
Lessons in love.
Family, and so much more.

Oh well, i finished reading it yesterday.
I need to have another book now.

We'll be having an affair tonight for the Office.
And i still don't have anything to wear.
We have to wear something formal
but i can always go back to Basic Business Attire, right?
Would it be fine if i still wear the same business attire i am wearing now to the party tonight?
I must see.
Why do i always have so many things in mind to write when im not in front of my PC?
And when its about time for me to write, i can't think of all those thoughts i have (before i started)? damn.
Is this just a sign of aging? hmmm... i wonder...
Most of the time now, i have senseless writting.
Most are just focus on me, why can't post something interesting?
Something happenin' in the world?
But will i attract people to read my blog if i do that? (do i have to do that, just to attract people?)
Ahhh, i think i just have to be me.
But i think i have to write things with sense.
I hope someday, i will.
I don't want to talk with Joseph.
He attended this birthday party last night.
I don't want him to go, but i still said its up to him.
You know guys, of course he went.
He just told me that he will visit me @ my dorm because he'll be leaving early.
But you know what... he didn't... guys.. guys..guys KAINIS...GRRRRRRR!
And now, he texted me this morning, saying, I'm sorry
Bahala sya! Besides i have my party tonight, i don't need to think of him!

Monday, July 26, 2004

Book Review


Da vinci Code Teaser

(ok, ok.. if you still haven't read the book, but has plans of reading.. then.. don't read this)

Captain Bezu Fache carried himself like an angry ox with his wide shoulders thrown back and his chin tucked hard into his chest. His dark hair was slicked back with oil, accentuating an arrow-like widow's peak that divided his jutting brow and preceded him like the prow of the battleship. As he advanced, his dark eyes seemed to scorch the earth before him, radiating a fiery clarity that forecast his reputation for unbliking severity in all matters.
(Got this part from the book, look how Dan Brown can awaken our
senses to read, how he described a person, surely caught my imagination)
Finished the book yesterday morning.
Once you get hold of that book, you can't possibly
let go of it. And i would like to share a thought or two...

Robert Langdon- genius, one desirable man
Sophie- one desirable lady
Sauniere- full of secrets
Fache- strong personality
Collet- good employee
Leigh- liar
Aringarosa- easily deceived
Silas- Obedient and clueless
As i was about to start the book, a lot of my
friends (who saw i would be reading it) told me that
it would waver my "FAITH" but as soon as they told me
that.. i was the more eager to read it. I must know why, right?
But yes, there was this part in the book that i can't
accept. Actually, i stopped reading it for a day.
Because i can't swallow it, i couldn't possibly read
something so out of my belief. (Do i need to elaborate? oh, well,
i choose not to. I must suggest, you better read it.)
But i decided to finish it. And i still have my BELIEFS.
The story is really good and the Author is Awesome!
I recommend it!
My rating:

Five- Star!
I'm looking forward for a blockbuster film of the Da Vinci Code!
So i'm down to another book now (see left side)

Thursday, July 22, 2004

shitty people

'tang-ina talaga yung babaeng yun! leche sya, kung madami syang request sa engineering, maghintay sya! hindi lang sya ang inaasikaso ko! palibhasa matandang dalaga! she should GET A LIFE! 'k-bwusit!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Achy Breaky Heart, Highschool, Blogging, and Relationship

Last night, a puppy broke my heart.
We're passing Guadalupe when i saw a thing lying beside a garden
at first i thought t'was a cat. So i decided to second-look it, and i saw, it was a puppy. (shakes head)
I want to get it from that place, but i can't, i don't know if somebody owns it, but if somebody owns it,
why does it have to be outside of the house. tsk.. tsk..
Mind you, its raining Yesterday night. Im sure the puppy is wet.
I want to keep the puppy, but what can i do? I'm so broken hearted.
I can't even get the puppy coz if i get it, where will he/she lives?
I'm just renting, and pets are not allowed. I'm stil sad about it.
Me & Joseph just spent a quality time together. We talked.
We were really engrossed in our conversation about our being highschool.
He's so funny, coz he told me 'bout his being naughty at school,
where they would jump on the floors and make their teachers cry, sa sobrang inis sa kanila

Glad he enjoyed his Highschool life, as for me, medyo "patay na bata" me nuon.
I enjoyed College though..
Ahhh... so much about school...
It's really nice to read Blogs from different people. They're so interesting!
I read this Blog one time (i forgot the site's name though)
The Author wrote, she likes blogging and she thinks people who blog
are those people who wants to learn more.. they keep themselves
updated with so many things.

I think people who blog are those who can't stand being Idle.
And i agree, people who blog are those who continously wants to learn.
My Cousin, wants to win back the love of his life..
Remember my cousin who decided not to marry his long time GF?
Well, now, after the "Magulong Stage"of his life, he wants to win her back.
And we will help him. It was the first time i saw Laarni, maganda pala sya.
And she really looks kind. I arranged a bouquet of Antorium and Roses
(does that mean, i could become a florist?) for my Cousin's gift.
Without any hesitation, Laarni accepted it.
It's really nice to see two people talk again.
I hope they could patch things sooner. (fingers crossed)
Joseph will be leaving for a Property Inspection in Iloilo tomorrow.
He'll be there till Saturday Morning... and Moi, will be left here in the City.
I will surely miss him.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

stereotyped jologs

Last Friday Ruffa Guttierez visited our office.. she is.. again.. a friend of our CEO. I just knew they had lunch at the Shangrila and proceeded to our office right after. I really was eager to see her, and after finding out she will visit the office, i was extremely excited. Oh, well call me jologs, but i love seeing beautiful people and that includes a lot of celebrities. I doesn't matter if im called one... to hell with those who pigeonhole me.

Like this officemate, after a picture with Ruffa, she asked me, "ganun ka ba talaga kahilig sa artista at nagpa-picture ka pa sa kanya sa office ni EDC (our CEO)?" Let me tell you the whole story about our picture:
Ruffa came.. she's inside the CEO's room, i need to give a paper to accounting which happens to be near the CEO's office.. and the lucky me passed the area with my cellphone in my pocket (i usually bring it with me). I heard Charlene (which is btw, our CEO's daughter) asked for a camera, and i just said, "here, i have a camera", knowing that Charlene will just take a photo of Ruffa alone. But she asked me to go inside and have a picture with Ruffa. So i posed beside her. And was happy, because i was the only one who has a picture beside her.

And that's the story. It's just so annoying for some people to label, even though she didn't used the word jologs or something, i still did get what she wanted to say. Bakit kaya, hindi sya magpakatotoo? When we had a group picture with Ruffa, she also included herself with that... And that only means one thing... JOLOGS din sya! Plastic! Hypocrite!
Also another Officemate said, "Buti hindi nahihiya ang bf mo sa yo?" That's when i told him, i asked Joseph to download the pix through bloothooth coz i don't have here. You know what, he's an as***le! He is my bf bakit nya ako ikakahihiya? masama bang magpa-picture sa isang artista, and to think hindi naman ako yung tipong nag-kakagulo over a famous star? It's just that natawag lang ako, and i was just happy, yun lang! Maybe inggit lang sila!

Oh, ayan!

Mamatay na lang sila sa Inggit!

if only im in hollywood

You are going to Marry Josh Hartnett. He is really
shy, but don't let that fool you. He is really
outgoing and sweet with those he loves and will
be loyal to them for the rest of his life.

Which male celebrity are you going to marry? (14 choices now!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

what a catch! he really is a dream boy!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

of Tennis

Have you watched last Saturday's (July 3) Wimbledon Finals?
Man, that was one helluva game.
T'was the first time i saw S. williams defeated
(am not really a tennis rocker). I even couldn't
believe my eyes that she was indeed defeated by
a Seventeen year old Bomb!

It was Russia's Maria Sharapova who won the Wimbledon crown, defeating Serena Williams 61 64. In her first Grand Slam final, Sharapova walked away with her fourth singles title and first Grand Slam singles title. She was making only her second appearance at the Wimbledon Championships, having reached the fourth round in her debut last year.

This 17 Year old Athlete is something, not just another pretty face.

She said, she's sorry she just have to Steal and Keep the Title from Williams for a Year.

The New Princess of Wimbledon.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


I'm having such a short temper on people now.
May it be in the office or in the dorm.
I'm easily aggravated, maybe its PMS.

Nakakainis sa dorm kasi may oras in taking a
bath.. 2 of my roomates go to the office @ 8am, I, on the other hand needs to be in the office by 8:30 o'clock am, and another one
@ 9am. kaya lang minsan may mga sumisingit sa T&B when its my turn
to take a bath, hassle to wait, not to mention, i will
be late, di ba? Why can't they just follow kung ano na yun
dating time of taking a bath? bakit kailangan magbago, when you know
other people will be using it.. nakakairita, parang nananadya!
(ang laki ng problema ko noh?).*sigh*

Another thing here in the Office, kasi, i received a cheque,
a Payment for my Overtime, hindi naman sya malaking halaga or anything
sandali lang naman yun overtime. But when i looked @ the
Cheque, mali ang spelling ng pangalan ko---Kulang ng "S".
I told the Treasury personnel na mali yung name, so they need to change it.
The person handling the Making of Cheque asked me, "na-try mo na
ba yan? Pumunta ka na ba sa bangko kung hindi nila tatanggapin yan?"
HELLO! Do i still need to go to the bank and be busted, and go back to the
office with the same cheque again, eh di nagsayang lang ako ng time and pagod ko?
Since nalaman ko na dito sa office pa lang na may mali, di ba
tama lang na p-correct ko na today, to avoid any hassles of going there
and wasting my time. And from her answer to me, she's insisting
na pumunta muna ako, baka makalusot, Hello! madami din kaya akong
ginagawa sa office noh! At kung pinagbubuti ba nya ang trabaho nya, hindi
siguro sya magkakamali! nakalagay naman sa voucher that my name is with
an "S". hay naku, ok lang naman magkamali kasi we really do sometimes
make mistakes, kung sana ba natawa na lang sya at sinabi na lang na "sige,
babaguhin ko na lng.." di ba mas ok pa yun?
So i answered her back, "don't make me go there with a wrong info on the
cheque.. waste of time lang yan, baguhin mo na lang."
Rude na kung rude, basta gawin nya trabaho nya! Kainis, Lulusot pa!

Eto pa blogspot ko, i had published the same blog about 10x ata yesterday, kaasar! ang daming buburahin!

One more thing, i just called joseph and told him na nasa office na ko (i was supposed to text him kaya lang drain ako) And he answered something- i forgot na, nairita uli ako, para kasing mataas ang tono, hmp! sabi ko, "sige na, nasa office na ko!" sabay baba ng fon!