Thursday, April 01, 2004

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haven't read anythin' from my friends' blogs.. no news since last week. (if u can only see my face)
its april fools day... how do one make it a fools day? doing something funny.. making fun of other people? doing something stupid? do we really need to be concious of this date? i just wonder.. this morning, i heard this lady said, "its april's fools day!" (she really souns excited.. ho-hum), in my self i said, "so?"
not really in the mood to write now, i just have an urge to do this... its been a long time.
so i wrote something yesterday, bout mah cousin who will not marry his long time gf (pregnant now)... i left a hanging question.. its been a puzzle last weekend, i saw them very sweet, and i can see in my cousin's eyes that he really loves his gf, but what the reason? fussy? he told us he's not yet ready to get married (from the first time i learned he's going to marry because he got his gf pregnant, i asked, so why marry? is it really the answer to the problem?) a lot of underlying questions... he told us his side and we understood... its a lifetime commitment... but realizing not to marry the girl, does that mean he doesn't love the girl anymore? or may be there a still lots to settle.. of course in this society.. the blame would be on my cousin, people will ask, why did u do that, and not able to face the consequences? they should have been more responsible, right? my cousin has his side of the story, and im sure the girl has hers too..
inside me, i pity the girl, she's bearing a child, with no assurance of a father, will not even carry his/her father's Name. but i know my cousin is matured, i believed his reasons.. the girl should have second thought why cousin made that decision.. he has points.. he still have dreams and ambitions.. the girl made him feel, he wont be able to do that.. the girl just wants him to just follow her orders and directions...
i now realize, not to be complacent about things.. having something wonderful now, doesn't assure someone to have it for a lifetime, it maybe for now.. and who knows what the future holds? i salute my cousins courage to stand for his decision, what ever happens.. his door is still open.. the posibility to talk with his gf again.. to open the doors for each other, who knows.. i just hope the girl would be able to realize, why it did happen?
im seeing lots of old friends @ friendster, so happy to add 'em all!
my bf is in cagayan de oro now, inspecting bayantel, he'll be be back on saturday. i miss him. yesterday was their "babang luksa" its the 1st year Anniversary of their Mother's death. so what does that mean? hehehe.. could someone answer that question for me? i'm really wishing, im praying..
2 weeks ago, he celebrated his birthday, we went to tagaytay with his family, so happy.. (i still need to scan the pix so i could post in my yahoo photos). for his birthday, i gave him, THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE book. i hope he will always read it. its so encouraging. so uplifting. we both need to get back to CHURCH. we need to be of service to God ALWAYS. (I know we will)
its lunch time, but i still have to finish my construction estimate... but i don't have pricing for some materials.. ill see what i can get from contacts.
this is all for now.. yeah yeah, i said im not in the mood to write, but look how long i this is now... till next blog..

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