Tuesday, April 06, 2004


just when i thought.. i need to blog.. ideas and things to say poured this morning.. but what can i do, im in the jeepney (on my way to the office). as i passed my school in college can't help but notice an advertisement written " NURSING COURSE STARTS... blah.. blah..", so i asked myself, "is mapua still the same as it was before?" and then i saw this car came out of the campus' gate, ahhh.. students now have their cars. i still remember earlier students told us that mapua are for those kids who has the brains, the scholarship... now i wonder.. it isnt the same anymore. during my days.. we're kinda cool, though i have seen peeps with cars, been with friends who has one.. but i say they're legitimately "BRIGHT" and so how are they now, after lasalle bought it. i have never seen my campus (intramuros) for quite a while.. my cousin graduated in the same school just last january.. haven't chat with him.. ain't it funny when things become so absurd?
last friday night i went out for some movie with my girlfriends.. and yes we watched PASSION OF THE CHRIST which i by the way highly recommend.. halfway through the movie @ my back i heard sniffs.. ( i was not @ that time in the mood for crying and i don't cry @ movies @ all) my girlfriends cried.. huhuhu.. i almost wanted to laugh at them when suddenly this scene came.. When Jesus first fell down on his knees (while carrying His Cross) and Mary remembered that same thing happenned to Him while he was still young....................... and really i can't believe my tears fell down.. Big Ouch.. it really struck my heart (big time).... and i just remembered i cried twice in that movie. some people see it as a violent movie, some drama... but u see.. someone has to really get into the deep meaning of it, Jesus Payed a high price for us, what He went through is nothing we can just ignore.. its a big cut in my heart.. (sigh) He really is the Son of God! After meditating... i realized, i have to rejoice! for He has Risen! yes He died, but he rose again! and we are not slaves anymore! We are saved! we are co-heirs with Christ! a wonderful feeling inside me. Awesome God!
I've been reading The Purpose driven life for sometime now.. and with my life to have this meaning.. i really thank God for loving and creating me. though at different times i have my flaws.. speaks harshly to some people.. not to mention i backslide from him. i am so sorry.. i really want to get back.. (God help me..)

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