Tuesday, April 13, 2004


before publishing this.. i was able to write my blogs for this day, and what a heck! it was not posted or published... grrrrrrrrrr.....
going back, need to track what i just had wrote... is it our server? it sucks!
t'was a splendid week! though i just spent the long vacation @ home, it just went fine.. didn't go for some vacation becoz my friends were preoccupied with some business, no one's available.. and some wants to just spend it @ home (but that's just fine..) had slept during the day and watched TV till the wee hours, DVD Marathon..
i missed going out during this times.. the last time i went out of town was like 2 years ago. and now, i just kinda remember the first time i was allowed to go out (u know the life in province..) my Olangapo get-away! in Crown Pick Hotel.. i had a great deal of time there.................... spending it @ home was also nice, i had a some rest, enough sleep... exactly what i needed..
but before the long vacation has ended..we went to the mall, just this sunday.. with mah cousins, nephew and sis! Sis went to dermclinic, had a facial. while waiting we went to the arcade, my nephew had a good time there.. of course i let him play.. but i pay for the tokens.. well it's nice at least, he was happy..
and now, im back to the real world.... again.... in front of my PC.. *sigh*
( I just hope this blog would be posted.. cross my fingers)

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