Tuesday, April 20, 2004

winning a contest

Have i mentioned i won an MTV Asia Awards 2004 Contest?
Yes, I did! last Holy Week when i got home i was surprised to see a Big Envelope my Tatay gave me. He said, "I paid 30 bucks just to get that, u have to pay me.." hehe.. And when i opened it... i saw 2 Black Shirts w/ a Lovely Pink Print of the MTV Asia Awards 2004-- w/ a heart... i was Happy. i just remembered i only joined the contest on-line. i joined the Britney Spears Toyota Vios Contest and thought maybe i could win a Vios... and look... i have 2 shirts, didn't know MTV is Real...

Now, ill try to join this contest... for MAKSIM... cross my finger... want to see his concert... like the..hmmm.. what do u call that... The...BumbleBee....*wink*wink*

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