Monday, April 19, 2004

w/ a celebrity

me & donita 


startsruck? nah... she visited our CEO (her friend) my Acquintance (dream on, hehe..) She had her pictorials for One of the properties the Company sells, Chataue Elysee that is... she has been a friend of our boss that's why she picked Donita to be the Model of the said property. Ssshhh.. don't tell anyone 'bout this, but i was fresh from my chicken pox then... when i had this picture w/ her... hope she wont get the virus... but im pretty sure she didn't becoz im already really safe then... becoz im well, hey, im well! i know she's havin' a baby... but im really well then (kulit) anyways she was really kind to have pix with us... im also glad that one of my officemate had some extra fim for me and her... she's really kind. (am i talking jologs now?) LOL!

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