Thursday, June 03, 2004

haircut and diet

i chisel(ed) my hair this morning and mind u, WITH STYLE!
t'was d first time i did this thing..
and im so proud! i've been contemplating
to cut it since tuesday.. so did it today.
it's still the long hair im wearing.. nobody
would notice i cut it. i cut 2" off my wet hair
and warlah! alas! this is me now! (pix later)
the last time i went to the salon for my haircut,
i saw how the stylist cut my hair and so i said
if ever there will come a time i want this
style back, i would just be the one to cut it.
and now i want it back... and i cut it.. my way.. hehehe..
i also cut it for a reason... i want to get rid of my
colored hair.. they're the reason why im accumulating
split ends.. becoz they're dry. and so, i don't
have much dry hair anymore.

Last night i went out w/ Tammy, Joyce, Mon, Haydz and Lynette
(after a long time of not going-out).. we went to
Gerrys Grill and i pig-out! the smell of that Crispy Pata
made me want to munch and chomp it with rice at night!
(i'm currently on a diet)... all i want last night was
the Java Kula Mint of Seattles... but we end up eating...
and i mean eating our HEAVY DINNER.

last Wednesday i also nosh-up of the Cinnfully delicious
Cinnamon of "Saint Cinnamon". i feasted for
2 cinnamons (around 7 or 8pm the store has a promo
"buy one take one" of the same kind of their delicious
cinnamon) and hmmmm... i got 2! and ate 'em all. loved it!

what happens to my diet now? *mutter*

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