Wednesday, June 30, 2004

On road accidents and violence

Only in the philippines.......

1. Can you find Automobiles that don't stop
while pedestrians need to cross the pedestrian lane.

2. Pedestrian don't cross the pedestrian lane but insist
on crossing where their lives can be in danger.

3. Drivers don't usually move in slower motion during an orange
traffic light, but still make a way to cross the junction before it hits red.

4. People are not afraid to beat the red light esp. @ night.

5. People can drive even without a shirt on top.

6. It's easy to pick up a fight when somebody has overtaken them.

7. Where the "DISTANCIA AMIGO" board doesn't count. (Dupang ba?)

8. Where it is fine not to keep on the right lane (i.e. Buses should
keep right but always on the left side) tsk..tsk..

9. Drivers don't care if their light is not appropriate- too bright for the eye of the auto opposite them.

10. It is fine to fire a gun at someone they thought had offended them (while on the road).

Sad but true.
These things happen, in our roads now.
I just wonder, why does the government give license to those irresponsible drivers and individuals? Doesn't they suppose to take Exams first and also Drug tests?
Why is so hard to discipline people.
I know it all starts from "us".
Doesn't it also start in the families? at school?
Sometimes i thought...parang ang hirap na nating baguhin, parang buluk na bulok na.

(I recently had a bad experience on the road.. made me nervous, but am glad people cooled down.. a thing people should always carry while driving.)

When can we be like Singapore? It is just a small City but look how far they got?
How amazingly their economy is growing.

We Filipinos are not just what we can be right now.. but we can do a lot more better than our
But if in this simple thing.. like our roads.. we can't make a difference.. then how will the whole
country be of any difference from the rest of the world?
I would no longer be surprised if in this year, a lot of people will think of migrating abroad or think
of working somewhere out of the country. We're so in this liquifaction now that... it's hard for us
to stand up again.. And we relent from being this way.

But i still have this hope... that someday we still can be one of those successful nations.

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