Tuesday, June 08, 2004

June 6

this was suppose to be my yesterdays blog.....

Last Sunday, i celebrated my 28th birthday.
It's not a big day for me though, turning
28... is not even a happy thought. But i could
certainly tell that i've grown-up a lot.
I don't feel like im 28 now, i still feel im just 26.
i never moved from being 26.. when im asked
how young i am (young?), i almost always want
to answer, "I'm 26".

How i celebrated my birthday?
Spent it with mah bf's family
wasn't able to go home because
of the weather. I even spent my
pre-birthday at the office, i had
an Overtime, well, i worked.
I bought cake and chicken and we ate.
The day before my birthday, i treat my cousins
@ Max's.

I received many text messages from friends... greetings!
i really appreciate 'em all!

damn, im so old...

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