Tuesday, June 15, 2004

some attitude

Life can be so simple.
One needs to do what he ought to do, or at least
stick to what he do best.

Im no expert in relationship. I also experience
problems with myself and with my partner. Some insecurities,
selfishness, insanity (hahaha!)... and the list goes on and on and on....

CONCEITED: an attitude of self-importance, proud, vain, smug,
high and mighty & stuck-up.
It's a perplexed behavior for me.
I don't exactly remember if i've been conceited--
but maybe (a self-righteous person?)

It's funny how at some point in peoples lives
they become silly or act differently from they were
before. Maybe its because people experience things
the first time (at a matured age- that's a polite one)
while other people had things when they were younger.

Do you know how to react to a person who is sooooo

If a person is being reactive to some
"care", that the other person is giving him/her..
does it have another story? Or another meaning?
Or the other person is just being Conceited?
Maybe it's because it's just the first time
that somebody in the opposite sex
was able to show care? Or maybe the so called "care"
is too much? (the other person can't handle it?)

I don't know.. but i think its better to experience things
when you are younger.. so if you come to a matured age-and people
expect you to react maturedly.. you wont be surprise.
You see, every person is different from the other.
Every "care" is different from anothers "care".
And if you're one being Conceited, you're definitely a LOSER.
i Just have to say this-- "Goodluck to your Endeavor. And take your Best Shot!"

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