Friday, June 04, 2004

old friend

Isn't it nice to talk (again)
to someone whom we've lost communication
with? (for such a long time)

I have a friend, Dani,
she (yes, she's a SHE)
has been my friend since first year
college.. but on our third year
she decided to transfer school..
We kinda lost contact due to our busy scheds.
After such a long time, i saw her last year,
w/ a fellow-mapuan at the mall. She first
saw my bf (he arrived earlier @ the meeting place),
which by the way was her classmate in our General
Engineering subject(at that time we still don't
know each other--me & my bf). She approached him
and exhanged his and hellos. When i arrived
i saw them.. and we're like.. "Dani! how are
you?" of course she was surprised to see me and Joseph
together. Syempre chikka to the max kami.
She told me that after graduation
She went back to the U.S. (she's a citizen)
Land a job there, and was just vacationing here.
She asked me if i can be able to sleep at her hotel,
but at that time.. we'll be meeting our colleague.
So i just said that ill drop by.
She left after two days. We again lost contact.
I was surprised, 2 weeks ago, i received
a txt message from her. asking how i was..
and that started it all. We often txt each other
caught up with the things that happenned.
I just feel happy that even if we lost contact
w/ a friend, time makes a way for us to somehow
reunite and see and feel the friendship that has bonded us.

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