Friday, June 18, 2004

My best Steal and Splurge!

Like to share some stuffs.
Here is my Version of my Steal Vs. Splurge


Chikka helps me to save. I have installed Chikka in my PC @ home and here in the Office. I'm able to save.. i'm a Pre-paid user, and my 300 Peso Load can last for a month! I Splurge for a 6600- a Birthday Present for mahself



St. Ives Mud can make my Hair Deeply Conditioned, it's really a STEAL! If i really want to look fabulous... i ran to the salon for a Hair Rebond (sometimes really costly- for longer hair like mine)


I love reading both!


My Silver Bangle from Baguio and Charriol Bracelet

hmmmm... both sarap.

You guys Rock!


I know some stuffs are not a splurge to some... but to me.. my steals are worth the steal! *mwuah*


Abster said...

wowee...san ba meron un ST. IVES conditioner? Hehehe...maybe it'll work for my hair. Kasi ayaw ng mom ko sponsor ako sa rebonding, eh mahal eh. hehehe!!! ;)

sede said...

You can buy sa landmark (ground flr.- products for hair). plenty nun. They also have a sachet, u can try it first. Maganda sya. it will surely deep conditioned ur hair (",)