Thursday, June 10, 2004

sour graping

Why can someone be so madamot?
I don't wanna start a fight...
but its really true that u can only know
a person when you're both living in the same roof.
(This person, i consider one of the closest friend)
I hardly borrow things from her, coz thats not me.
What just i usually borrow is her IRON,
i don't have one- to iron my clothes in the morning.
(Buti na lang i have lots of Wash-&-Wear type of clothes-
those na hindi na kailangang plantsahin
I only borrow the Iron maybe 2x a week or sometimes not @ all.
But just yesterday.. i need to Iron this blouse ill
be wearing, and i looked for the "plantsa"
and didn't find it anywhere.. and just from that i
knew she doesn't want me to use it (y? she did her ironing this morning, and i saw it!).
That's just fine,
because its hers.. she have all the right not to lend it to me.
kaya lang sobrang obvoius na tinago pa nya sa cabinet nya, so
i could not use it

Ok fine, if that's what she wants, ill BUY MY OWN!" (isasama ko n din pati kabayo!)

why the sudden change of attitude.. she's been complaining to so
many things in her life... she's afraid of taking risks.. i keep
on advising, ang all of a sudden, she don't seem to talk..
i don't know what's wrong w/ her.(now, im sour-graping--- just becoz of the plantsa?)
i don't want to bug into other people's business..
it will be fine though if she consoles w/ me.

I don't want to think about her na.. eto n lng un. finish.

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