Thursday, June 17, 2004


I want to have my own house now.
Somewhere i can live, own a dog and
love it! Where i could spend my quality
time with myself. Have peace of mind.
Something that i can call my own..
Something i can call "MY HOME"


I can get so lethargic in the morning.
It's always hard to wake up.
I keep on Setting my alarm at 6:30am,
but leaving the bed at 7:15am.
Always telling, "15 minutes more.."
and then..again.. "15 minutes more.."
and another 15 minutes.
Seldom do i really wake up at the time
i set..


I'll be gone for the weekend.
Me and my family will be going to Pangasinan.
We'll be attending a 50th Wedding Anniversary
of some relatives (i hardly knew). And this will
become some sort of Reunion for the
ARCIAGA clan. Finally, i'll be meeting them!
I just wonder, will i ever get to understand them?
It's because whenever some relatives come and visit us,
they always talk Ilokano and i don't speak
the dialect, we were not taught.

But what excites me is, after the Wedding, we'll
be going to Baguio, my Tatay said, we have a
relative who owns a house there ( i wish i could own a house there too!)
and then it will be Ukay-ukay time!

what i really don't like is...........
i have this very annoying pimple on my nose!
sobrang nakakainis! sana na lang mawala na sya by
Saturday, kakahiya naman noh!

Should i go to the derma tonight? And have my pimple prick?
Would in not be too late? *moan*
bahala na mamaya

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