Wednesday, June 30, 2004

On road accidents and violence

Only in the philippines.......

1. Can you find Automobiles that don't stop
while pedestrians need to cross the pedestrian lane.

2. Pedestrian don't cross the pedestrian lane but insist
on crossing where their lives can be in danger.

3. Drivers don't usually move in slower motion during an orange
traffic light, but still make a way to cross the junction before it hits red.

4. People are not afraid to beat the red light esp. @ night.

5. People can drive even without a shirt on top.

6. It's easy to pick up a fight when somebody has overtaken them.

7. Where the "DISTANCIA AMIGO" board doesn't count. (Dupang ba?)

8. Where it is fine not to keep on the right lane (i.e. Buses should
keep right but always on the left side) tsk..tsk..

9. Drivers don't care if their light is not appropriate- too bright for the eye of the auto opposite them.

10. It is fine to fire a gun at someone they thought had offended them (while on the road).

Sad but true.
These things happen, in our roads now.
I just wonder, why does the government give license to those irresponsible drivers and individuals? Doesn't they suppose to take Exams first and also Drug tests?
Why is so hard to discipline people.
I know it all starts from "us".
Doesn't it also start in the families? at school?
Sometimes i thought...parang ang hirap na nating baguhin, parang buluk na bulok na.

(I recently had a bad experience on the road.. made me nervous, but am glad people cooled down.. a thing people should always carry while driving.)

When can we be like Singapore? It is just a small City but look how far they got?
How amazingly their economy is growing.

We Filipinos are not just what we can be right now.. but we can do a lot more better than our
But if in this simple thing.. like our roads.. we can't make a difference.. then how will the whole
country be of any difference from the rest of the world?
I would no longer be surprised if in this year, a lot of people will think of migrating abroad or think
of working somewhere out of the country. We're so in this liquifaction now that... it's hard for us
to stand up again.. And we relent from being this way.

But i still have this hope... that someday we still can be one of those successful nations.

Friday, June 25, 2004

excess baggage

I don't know, but i seem to to always live/dwell on the past.
I can't move from that chaos, dark side of my life.
It has been 3 years.. but the pain is still here.
It really hurts.

the stupidity and the overly sensitive me...just lingers..

I just found another thing, he really did lie.

I'm not sure if the whole intuition is real.
A part of it maybe.

If he lied.. why?
Does it mean that he needs to protect the relationship
so as not to break it? Because i'm so over reacting?

Maybe i'm just really over-reacting. Talk about insecurities.
I know, i do...
But because he only let me see the good side of him..

And after five (5) years.. then i saw.. he also too has
his dark side.
Well because he's also a human, but it really hurts
to be disappointed.. esp when u highly trust someone.

But on the other end.. i also have my fair share
of disappointments.. sad moments that he can also
point to me.

this is the extreme sadness couple experience in their
relationship. The sad part for me is i can't
forget it. I can't seem to move from it.
I can't seem to bring back the trust.

I don't want to exxagerate this..
I still am not sure if they relly liked each
other. All i know is that the girl flirted him

You know, my guy.. is really a gentleman..
He never made suplado on the girl.
Maybe he did liked her.. because at that time..
i really was a nagger... im was really annoying.
Whenever i ask him, he's so consistent w/ his answers..
or may be he's a PRO. (but i am his first gf)..
But does that give him the right to, oh well,
make friends (did the girl made the 1st move?)
with her or even be close to her?

Naiinis na din ako sa sarili ko, why can't i forget it?
Why can't be forgiving? may mga kasalanan din naman ako?
Selfish ba ako?
why can't i move from it, and live my life for the future?
Maybe i need to tell it to him again.....

Friday, June 18, 2004


I also consider painting as a therapy

My best Steal and Splurge!

Like to share some stuffs.
Here is my Version of my Steal Vs. Splurge


Chikka helps me to save. I have installed Chikka in my PC @ home and here in the Office. I'm able to save.. i'm a Pre-paid user, and my 300 Peso Load can last for a month! I Splurge for a 6600- a Birthday Present for mahself



St. Ives Mud can make my Hair Deeply Conditioned, it's really a STEAL! If i really want to look fabulous... i ran to the salon for a Hair Rebond (sometimes really costly- for longer hair like mine)


I love reading both!


My Silver Bangle from Baguio and Charriol Bracelet

hmmmm... both sarap.

You guys Rock!


I know some stuffs are not a splurge to some... but to me.. my steals are worth the steal! *mwuah*

Thursday, June 17, 2004


cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd
waht I was rdgnieg THE

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy,
it deosn't mttaer in
waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny
iprmoatnt tihng is taht the
frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The
rset can be a taotl mses
and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is
bcuseae the huamn mnid
deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod
as a wlohe

Pertty srtagne eh?? Hvae a gerat day!!

so galing noh?

what to wear

I would want to wear something like this @ the wedding.. would it be appropriate?...hmmm i think so..

Geezzz... i hope i have this body......


I want to have my own house now.
Somewhere i can live, own a dog and
love it! Where i could spend my quality
time with myself. Have peace of mind.
Something that i can call my own..
Something i can call "MY HOME"


I can get so lethargic in the morning.
It's always hard to wake up.
I keep on Setting my alarm at 6:30am,
but leaving the bed at 7:15am.
Always telling, "15 minutes more.."
and then..again.. "15 minutes more.."
and another 15 minutes.
Seldom do i really wake up at the time
i set..


I'll be gone for the weekend.
Me and my family will be going to Pangasinan.
We'll be attending a 50th Wedding Anniversary
of some relatives (i hardly knew). And this will
become some sort of Reunion for the
ARCIAGA clan. Finally, i'll be meeting them!
I just wonder, will i ever get to understand them?
It's because whenever some relatives come and visit us,
they always talk Ilokano and i don't speak
the dialect, we were not taught.

But what excites me is, after the Wedding, we'll
be going to Baguio, my Tatay said, we have a
relative who owns a house there ( i wish i could own a house there too!)
and then it will be Ukay-ukay time!

what i really don't like is...........
i have this very annoying pimple on my nose!
sobrang nakakainis! sana na lang mawala na sya by
Saturday, kakahiya naman noh!

Should i go to the derma tonight? And have my pimple prick?
Would in not be too late? *moan*
bahala na mamaya

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Minsan nakakainis noh? Bakit may mga tao na pag
tinanong mo ng maayos.. nakaasak agad sumagot?
*sigh* Pero maybe ganun talaga sila?...
Kailangan mo n lang intindihin.Kaya lng nakakainis talaga.
I just wonder, may mga tao nga ba talaga na nakakatiis
na makasama sila ng matagal?
I guess, wala... for a time siguro magkakaron,
then mawawala din. Pero one really needs patience
in communicating with them
, pambihira, ang hirap
talaga intindihin!
I just hope those kind of people would really realize
that they're being annoying. And these people still
ask the question.. why they still haven't met a partner
for their lives...hmmm.. and they still wonder? huh?

(pakibaba nga ang isa kong KILAY!)
hay naku..................

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Usher and A. Keys

I heard they're going to have a duet. The title would be "My Boo". I'm so excited for Confessions II

some attitude

Life can be so simple.
One needs to do what he ought to do, or at least
stick to what he do best.

Im no expert in relationship. I also experience
problems with myself and with my partner. Some insecurities,
selfishness, insanity (hahaha!)... and the list goes on and on and on....

CONCEITED: an attitude of self-importance, proud, vain, smug,
high and mighty & stuck-up.
It's a perplexed behavior for me.
I don't exactly remember if i've been conceited--
but maybe (a self-righteous person?)

It's funny how at some point in peoples lives
they become silly or act differently from they were
before. Maybe its because people experience things
the first time (at a matured age- that's a polite one)
while other people had things when they were younger.

Do you know how to react to a person who is sooooo

If a person is being reactive to some
"care", that the other person is giving him/her..
does it have another story? Or another meaning?
Or the other person is just being Conceited?
Maybe it's because it's just the first time
that somebody in the opposite sex
was able to show care? Or maybe the so called "care"
is too much? (the other person can't handle it?)

I don't know.. but i think its better to experience things
when you are younger.. so if you come to a matured age-and people
expect you to react maturedly.. you wont be surprise.
You see, every person is different from the other.
Every "care" is different from anothers "care".
And if you're one being Conceited, you're definitely a LOSER.
i Just have to say this-- "Goodluck to your Endeavor. And take your Best Shot!"

Thursday, June 10, 2004

cute quiz....

this one somehow lightened my mood....


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator

sour graping

Why can someone be so madamot?
I don't wanna start a fight...
but its really true that u can only know
a person when you're both living in the same roof.
(This person, i consider one of the closest friend)
I hardly borrow things from her, coz thats not me.
What just i usually borrow is her IRON,
i don't have one- to iron my clothes in the morning.
(Buti na lang i have lots of Wash-&-Wear type of clothes-
those na hindi na kailangang plantsahin
I only borrow the Iron maybe 2x a week or sometimes not @ all.
But just yesterday.. i need to Iron this blouse ill
be wearing, and i looked for the "plantsa"
and didn't find it anywhere.. and just from that i
knew she doesn't want me to use it (y? she did her ironing this morning, and i saw it!).
That's just fine,
because its hers.. she have all the right not to lend it to me.
kaya lang sobrang obvoius na tinago pa nya sa cabinet nya, so
i could not use it

Ok fine, if that's what she wants, ill BUY MY OWN!" (isasama ko n din pati kabayo!)

why the sudden change of attitude.. she's been complaining to so
many things in her life... she's afraid of taking risks.. i keep
on advising, ang all of a sudden, she don't seem to talk..
i don't know what's wrong w/ her.(now, im sour-graping--- just becoz of the plantsa?)
i don't want to bug into other people's business..
it will be fine though if she consoles w/ me.

I don't want to think about her na.. eto n lng un. finish.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

my treat!

@ Max's Mega--- mah treat...

Me & Joseph

Sis and Mat-mat

Dang & Vina

the Sacramentos

June 6

this was suppose to be my yesterdays blog.....

Last Sunday, i celebrated my 28th birthday.
It's not a big day for me though, turning
28... is not even a happy thought. But i could
certainly tell that i've grown-up a lot.
I don't feel like im 28 now, i still feel im just 26.
i never moved from being 26.. when im asked
how young i am (young?), i almost always want
to answer, "I'm 26".

How i celebrated my birthday?
Spent it with mah bf's family
wasn't able to go home because
of the weather. I even spent my
pre-birthday at the office, i had
an Overtime, well, i worked.
I bought cake and chicken and we ate.
The day before my birthday, i treat my cousins
@ Max's.

I received many text messages from friends... greetings!
i really appreciate 'em all!

damn, im so old...

Monday, June 07, 2004

blogger personality

thanks to Leng!

I took the Blogging Personality Quiz at About Web logs and I am...

The Daily Grinder
I love blogging because it's like therapy. I can write about anything and everything that happens to me - from the food I ate to what I was doing when I heard the latest 'breaking news'. Being able to communicate with my friends (online and/or real life) through my blog is important to me.

Friday, June 04, 2004

old friend

Isn't it nice to talk (again)
to someone whom we've lost communication
with? (for such a long time)

I have a friend, Dani,
she (yes, she's a SHE)
has been my friend since first year
college.. but on our third year
she decided to transfer school..
We kinda lost contact due to our busy scheds.
After such a long time, i saw her last year,
w/ a fellow-mapuan at the mall. She first
saw my bf (he arrived earlier @ the meeting place),
which by the way was her classmate in our General
Engineering subject(at that time we still don't
know each other--me & my bf). She approached him
and exhanged his and hellos. When i arrived
i saw them.. and we're like.. "Dani! how are
you?" of course she was surprised to see me and Joseph
together. Syempre chikka to the max kami.
She told me that after graduation
She went back to the U.S. (she's a citizen)
Land a job there, and was just vacationing here.
She asked me if i can be able to sleep at her hotel,
but at that time.. we'll be meeting our colleague.
So i just said that ill drop by.
She left after two days. We again lost contact.
I was surprised, 2 weeks ago, i received
a txt message from her. asking how i was..
and that started it all. We often txt each other
caught up with the things that happenned.
I just feel happy that even if we lost contact
w/ a friend, time makes a way for us to somehow
reunite and see and feel the friendship that has bonded us.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

haircut and diet

i chisel(ed) my hair this morning and mind u, WITH STYLE!
t'was d first time i did this thing..
and im so proud! i've been contemplating
to cut it since tuesday.. so did it today.
it's still the long hair im wearing.. nobody
would notice i cut it. i cut 2" off my wet hair
and warlah! alas! this is me now! (pix later)
the last time i went to the salon for my haircut,
i saw how the stylist cut my hair and so i said
if ever there will come a time i want this
style back, i would just be the one to cut it.
and now i want it back... and i cut it.. my way.. hehehe..
i also cut it for a reason... i want to get rid of my
colored hair.. they're the reason why im accumulating
split ends.. becoz they're dry. and so, i don't
have much dry hair anymore.

Last night i went out w/ Tammy, Joyce, Mon, Haydz and Lynette
(after a long time of not going-out).. we went to
Gerrys Grill and i pig-out! the smell of that Crispy Pata
made me want to munch and chomp it with rice at night!
(i'm currently on a diet)... all i want last night was
the Java Kula Mint of Seattles... but we end up eating...
and i mean eating our HEAVY DINNER.

last Wednesday i also nosh-up of the Cinnfully delicious
Cinnamon of "Saint Cinnamon". i feasted for
2 cinnamons (around 7 or 8pm the store has a promo
"buy one take one" of the same kind of their delicious
cinnamon) and hmmmm... i got 2! and ate 'em all. loved it!

what happens to my diet now? *mutter*

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I unequivocally want to write yesterday night.
I felt like crying... here comes languor again.
Why do i feel this way. always need to write for the same
old reasons of being unhappy.. being sad, poignant. I'm
so tired of being in this state.
its all my fault. hmmmm...
so much for that...

On the lighter side..
im so happy im alone in the room.. hehehe..
my boss is in the construction site now (but he'll be back tomorrow)
and i can write whatevah i want to.
At least i can do what pleases me to do first in all
my tasks for the day.
I need to finish my estimate for our new
model unit- jasmin- model 80.
I also have to update some construction ledger.

I feel so old.

I dunno what's in my dorm.. but it has this ambiance, sensation
(whatever u want to call it) that makes me sad.
Or maybe becoz.. whenever i arrive, i don't have anybody to
talk to and i don't have any entertainment for
myself in the room. I don't have a tv, but i can listen to
my discman over and over of the same cds most of the time..
i just read.
I'm reading Two Towers of the Lord of the Rings now.
I'm left with nothing to do, except to read and to read.
Its so boooooooring.
But i don't have friends near me to play badminton
on midweek.
In the office most of them wants to go home as soon as
the clock hits 6:30. hmmm... and what more can i say..
they're not that out-going!

I really miss my friends in cemex.. when i was there.. i didn't felt this way.
or maybe i need to catch up with them? set a dinner. or a lunch maybe?

this is my leeway.. to express what's inside me.
after work.. what comes next?

i think i need a new pied-à-terre, a new place to live..

peanut and garlic....

is the smell of garlic annoying?
i was eating peanut with lots and lots
of garlic yesterday. a person entered
the room and asked what was i eating..
and i go.. "im just eating peanut w/
and she already started to act
as if somebody farted...grrr... are they tantamount?
and ang arte-arte nya
i don't think it really smells bad
coz the garlic doesn't really fill
the air. *sigh*
i already loss my appetite.